A Selection of our Wedding & Function Options...

Welcome to Lisa Roberts Catering. Thank you for taking the time to look at all our food options.

We pride ourselves on offering fresh produce. All our meats come from our local butcher and our vegetables and fruits from convent garden markets.

Please look at the type of food you would like, then choose the options from our food menus.


Our menu may contain some or all of the following ingredients:

Cereals, Wheat Flour (containing gluten) Egg Fish (fish sauce) Soybeans Peanut Milk Nut (almonds, hazelnuts, cashew, seeds, etc) Celery Mustard Sulphur dioxide (preservative vegetable, dried fruit) Sesame Lupin Crustaceans (prawns, crabs, lobster, & crayfish) Mollusc (clams, mussels, oyster, squid, octopus ) Oil (peanut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil)

Allergic to food not on the list:

If you are allergic to a food that is not on the regulatory list shown above, it may not be included on the allergen information provided If in doubt, speak to a member of staff.
Please kindly inform us of any food allergies prior to ordering your food. To the best of our knowledge our suppliers do not use GM foods.

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